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    • American Horror Story: Apocalypse
      Andrew D



      Well that was ... something. The ending landed well enough. I liked the idea of history being rewritten yet still the same. Too many uncounted variables present for another "spawn of Satan" to happen. and sure enough, that's exactly the case (which M

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      Started by:  Andrew D

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    • The Haunting of Hill House

      I'm surprised there wasn't a thread for this already because there's definitely a lot of buzz for it


      I just finished watching this and can easily say that this is one of the best shows I had watched this year. It is a tremendous achievement in television by subverting horror into something else. At times it felt like a scary version of This Is Us. I

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      Started by:  Courtney

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    • 2019 Emmys (Post-2018 Ceremony)

      Let's get the campaign going for this guy


      [quote quote=1202676738]SUPPORTING COMEDY ACTRESS: Betty Gilpin – GLOW (Anna Chlumsky – Veep)[/quote] This race right here is so tough, regardless of which of the two win I will be overjoyed and also disappointed for the other

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      Started by:  Riley

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    • HOUSE OF CARDS ending with SEASON 6

      Thank God. Should have been snubbed years ago.


      What a complete mess. I'm so mad at this show because they made it seem like they couldn't make it work without Kevin Spacey. That gives him way too much credit. They could have easily made it work, but they just made an absolutely brutal final 8 epi

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      Started by:  Eden

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    • "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Thread
      no one

      The best 2018 show


      Just finished the season. It was great with really awesome and exciting moments. But I thought it had a few plot holes and lack of character development that bothered me. Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto and specially Michelle Gomez were all

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      Started by:  Reis

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    • Official WILL & GRACE Reboot Thread (Season 2)
      Andrew D

      Im excited for Chelsea Handler and Mary McCormack playing power lesbians


      Loved Jack and Karen's scenes with the Lincoln play. Having Jon Cryer there was so random, but it really worked out for the best. I thought that the bigger secret with Noah would be a not-so-ex wife still around for Grace to contend with. Having a da

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      Started by:  Atypical

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    • BIG LITTLE LIES: Season 2 Thread

      This is a fun show being made into something deeper because of what network it is on, the talent, an


      Actually when you spell it out like that Ivo... you’re probably right! Still, if they can’t beat Westworld in Supporting Actress, Meryl is probably safe. I think she will get a Maggie Smith treatment more than a De Niro treatment. She isn’t in

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      Started by:  Atypical

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    • 2018-2019 Episode Grades

      Dietland Episode 1 and 2- C (MVP- Tamara Tunie) Succession Celebration- B- (MVP- Sarah Snook) Pos

      Andrew D

      Shameless Season 9 Are you there Shim? Its me, Ian – A ( MVP: Macy) Mo White!- B+ (MVP: Ethan Cutkosky) Weird Gallagher Vortex- A (MVP: Emmy) Do Right, Vote White A ( MVP Macy) Black Haired Ginger –B (MVP Rossum) Face it your Gorgeous – A+( MVP

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      Started by:  Anonymous

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